A unique collaboration

Shell and the Participatie Keuken

The Participatie Pie is a collaboration between the Participatie Keuken, Shell and Sodexo. The Participatie Pie is the height of integration. It is made of different products from different cultures and baked by, amongst others, people who are looking to re-enter the labor market and who, by participating, get a chance to discover their own talents and joy. 


In collaboration with Shell/Sodexo, the Participatie Pie is made by people who can continue onto a learning journey and into a paid job. 


The ingredients are organic and locally sourced. Additionally, compost from Shell/Sodexo is used, and with products saved to counter food wastage.


The proceeds of the Participatie Pie are used to fund the social projects of the Participatie Keuken.



As a young child, Ben Lachhab suddenly found himself in a house, on a busy street in The Hague´s “Schilderswijk”. Under the family reunification program his father has brought him and his brother and sister over from the Rif Mountains in Morocco. With a tree as sole point of reference to the space, nature and freedom he was used to, he embarked on a journey into this new world.


With his propensity for exploration, he quickly got to experience the Dutch culture through his friends. He got to know the common sense, broad mindedness and hospitality of the Dutch, but also started tasting typical Dutch foods such as pancakes and apple pie. Quickly, he felt at home in the unique mix of his Moroccan roots and his Dutch home. An experience that inspired him to enrich all the beauty of the Dutch society with beautiful influences from other cultures. This resulted in pie with a story. Pie that connects different cultures and societal layers.


With the purchase of “Participatie Gebak” (Participatie Pie), you can enrich someone’s life with every bite you eat.


Now available in Brasserie Berlage and Mixologie Lab C30

The Participatie Pie is an apple pie enriched with a fresh mint-crust, honey-sweetened dates and raw almonds. Delicious, exotic ingredients perfectly integrated into this Dutch classic treat.       Only € 2,25



The Participatie Keuken is a foundation focused on structurally increasing people’s resilience through the organisation of meetings that taste like more. 

The Participatie Keuken, together with her partners, stimulates and guides people from surviving to living together. This is done in 5 steps, with the objective of increasing people’s social network and stimulating participation. All activities centre around food and are built around the pillars of loneliness, integration and poverty. 

As a foundation, the Participatie Keuken relies on volunteers for many of the activities organised. And you can contribute too. Occasionally, or frequently. In the organisation, in the kitchen or in the social setting. You will become part of a large group of people around the city who are contributing positively to a more connected, more integrated The Hague.  

Would you like to participate?

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